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In February 2023, Diamond Diva Empowerment Foundation Outreach Community Program hosted its 10th Annual Love Packages Campaign. The goal was to provide 2500 Love Packages to local domestic violence shelters and safe houses around the Saint Louis Metropolitan area. After polling several survivors in shelter and safe houses, the common denominator of complaints and immediate needs of several participants, pointed to feminine hygiene items and other similar products.

A Love Package™ is a reusable and durable tote bag consisting of full-size personal, feminine hygiene and healthcare products essential to a survivor’s needs. The Love Packages™ are donated with a small bouquet of flowers and a positive affirmation message to assist with the process of rebuilding their self-esteem and maintaining their dignity. Although this is a year-round initiative, this targeted program was designed to assist those in needs during February. The Love Packages™ shows them that they are loved, during this season that so many women look forward to which is - Valentine’s Day!


Through this campaign, we made the following impact to our community:

  • Provided full-size personal hygiene products to 89 partnering organizations and agencies, serving over 1452 women and children, totaling over $435,600.00.

  • Provided full-size personal hygiene products to 813 families throughout the Saint Louis Metropolitan communities, totaling over $243,900.00.

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