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In February 2021, Diamond Diva Empowerment Foundation Outreach Community Program hosted its 8th Annual Love Packages Campaign. The goal was to provide 2500 Love Packages™ to local domestic violence shelters and safe houses around the Saint Louis Metropolitan area. After polling several survivors in shelter and safe houses, the common denominator of complaints and immediate needs of several participants, pointed to feminine hygiene items and other similar products.

A Love Package™ is a reusable and durable tote bag consisting of full-size personal, feminine hygiene and healthcare products essential to a survivor’s needs. The Love Packages™ are donated with a small bouquet of flowers and a positive affirmation message to assist with the process of rebuilding their self-esteem and maintaining their dignity. Although this is a year-round initiative, this targeted program was designed to assist those in needs during February. The Love Packages™ shows them that they are loved, during this season that so many women look forward to which is - Valentine’s Day!


Through this campaign, we made the following impact to our community:

  • Provided full-size personal hygiene products to 43 partnering organizations and agencies, serving over 397 women and children, totaling over $59,550.00.

  • Provided full-size personal hygiene products to 756 families throughout the Saint Louis Metropolitan communities, totaling over $113,400.00.



2DEF KIDZ Program focuses on physical, mental, and emotional wellness and academic success of children who are also direct and indirect victims of domestic violence. Children who experience domestic violence are more likely to experience other forms of trauma including bullying, educational struggles, low self-esteem, body image issues, and emotional imbalance.


The three components of the 2DEF KIDZ Program are:

  • Champion Fitness Academy is a program initiative that focuses on providing youth with information, education, tools, and techniques of the martial arts to combat obesity and bullying.

  • 2DEF Kidz Academic Success & Technology provides youth with access to technology with the goal of continuous learning outside of school through virtual technology and learning to increase literacy, academic success, and achievement. For various reasons, some youths have little or no access to at-home computers making it difficult for students to take advantage of school learning time. We provide a laptop, desktop, or tablet to 100 youth annually to assist with this gap. We also help with initial and enhanced internet access that may further hinder their out of school success.

  • 2DEF Post-Secondary Scholarship Programs awards high school seniors who have been impacted by domestic violence and other traumatic life events and social-economic struggles with a scholarship to assist with their college and career goals after high school. Scholarships may be used for attendance to 2 or 4-year colleges/universities or vocational/trade and career schools. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.

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