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The video platform I would use is YouTube. YouTube has over 1 billion unique users per month, about one out of every two people on the internet (Kleinman, 2013). This tells me I am more likely to reach my target audience by posting videos on YouTube. The largest potential audience is definitely one advantage of using YouTube. Another advantage of YouTube is the comments section, below the video. It gives me an avenue to connect with the audience and receive feedback. YouTube is similar to other social media platforms, allowing for easy contact of other YouTube users. YouTube is also free to use and it is easy to embed YouTube videos on to other social media platforms, my blog and my website.

The reason that I chose this vlogger is because I like her concept. She announces the new arrival of apparel and the cost. She also shows different accessories and styles to wear with the apparel. This platform allows the viewer to see the items, the texture, the color and design concept. Most people like to see others in new apparel to see the style before buying. Vlogging is the ideal campaign to introduce my luxury clothing brand, to launch new products and to stay connected to what is happening.

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