Wrap-up Post! What? Already....

What have you learned about personal branding and social media through this course? Well to say the least, this course was rather intimidating to me, because I do not typically use a lot of social media. I have a Facebook account, but I rarely visit or make posts. Which is in part, why I decided to take the class. I must admit that I learned a lot. When asked to create a personal brand, I struggled greatly. This is because there are so many things that I am passionate about. So many things that I could write about. Therefore, the first thing that I had to do in building a personal brand was define the message that I wanted to convey. That too was difficult. But after much consideration and thought processing, I am happy with my chose – Domestic Violence.

What would you like to have the opportunity to learn more about? I would have liked to have learned more about RSS feeds. I thought this topic was very intriguing. Before the class, I knew nothing about RSS feeds – I had heard of them, but did not know at all what they were. By utilizing RSS feeds, I feel it takes the hard work out of blogging. By adding other trending feeds to my blog, it keeps me from having to work as hard and make post daily. It takes the tension out of remembering to post content, because my followers con still see other trending content on my blog. This is genius!

What social media platforms do you think you will make more use of going forward? I will definitely make more use of LinkedIn going forward. I have surprisingly connected with several other agencies and organizations working to stop domestic violence. There are even some located in my area. I have always had a LinkedIn account, but I did not know to use it properly. Again, I am glad that I took this class, and I am excited about the things that I learned and the progress I have made concerning social media. I may even start an Instagram account – My kids would love that! LOL

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