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Welcome to the FIRST day of a brighter tomorrow!




Welcome to the FIRST day of a brighter tomorrow!

What you'll learn 

  • P2B Overview & DV Introduction

  • Tenant's Right's & Renter's Etiquette

  • Safety Planning Development

  • What Are Red Flags & Green Flags? 

  • Why Victims Stay with Abusers?

  • Saving & Budget Planning

  • The Cycles of Domestic Violence

  • Understanding and Building Credit

  • The Joys of Journaling

  • Home Buyer's Awareness

  • Is There Life After Abuse

  • The Effects of DV on Families

  • And so much more...

Course Requirements

  • Must be 18 year or older; and a resident of Missouri.

  • Must be a survivor of domestic violence.

  • Must have strong, secure internet connection.

  • Must commit to completing the 8-week course

  • Course requirement is 24 hours & 24 diamond badges. 

Easy Enrollment Process

  • Complete Expectations & Program Rules Agreement

  • Complete Program Application

  • Sign Promissory Agreements

  • Set up your Classroom Portal

  • Register for Classes!

"Having a group of ladies to hold me accountable, and to push me to reach my goals what essential to my recovery. This was just what I needed!"

Timberly Williams

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What Graduates are saying...

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