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Diamond Diva Empowerment Foundation (2DEF) is a nonprofit 501©3 organization dedicated to educating, strengthening, and empowering women and children affected by domestic violence and various socio-economic conditions. These conditions limit them from gaining and maintaining self-sufficiency which prevents them from being successful and impacting members of our community. Our programs and services answer the call by providing housing placement, rental assistance, trauma relief counseling, literacy education, prevention, safety planning and connections to other viable community resources.


Diamond Diva Empowerment Foundation along with the Aldermanic Board of Saint Louis and Congresswoman Cori Bush acknowledges that Domestic Violence has become an internal epidemic in the middle of a pandemic. Missouri has the third-highest rate of people who have experienced domestic violence. About 41.8% of Missouri women and 35.2% of men experience intimate partner physical violence, sexual violence, or stalking. In 2018, Missouri had 45,548 reported domestic violence incidents, a 10.3% increase from 2014. In 2020, domestic violence cases increased to over 200% in certain regions due to COVID lockdowns.


During this year’s campaign, our goal is to raise $500,000 to aid women and children with adequate housing and to provide 2500 Love Packages™ to local domestic violence shelters and safe houses. The tremendous support of volunteers and generous donations from our sponsors in the past, has enabled us to meet our goals each year. However, this year we have extended our reach, as we have increased our goal to match the increase in need. Your donation and participation in this campaign would not only be a tremendous honor, but it would also help us to raise a national awareness to domestic violence.


As an agency, we are committed to rebuilding the core of the family unit, while encouraging each survivor to focus on their strengths and well-being. It is our hope that by providing financial literacy classes, support groups, personal development courses, and mental health counseling, we can inspire, uplift, and empower the women that we serve.


  • Provided full-size personal hygiene products to 756 families throughout the Saint Louis Metropolitan communities, totaling over $113,400.00.

  • Awarded $63,757.00 in rental assistance to over 65 tenants/landlords of survivors of domestic violence.

  • Secured $33,680.00 in in-kind donations and matching funds for 520 hours of professional services and interns.

  • Recorded over 7,348 hours of volunteer services donated from local community residents of the Saint Louis Metropolitan area, securing over $203,539.60 in in-kind donations and matching funds.

  • Provided case management and referral services to approximately 683 survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence.

  • Our mental and behavioral health case load totaled 122 clients.

  • Served 221 women and children with up to $1,500.00 in housing assistance.

  • Referred over 581 women to partner affiliations and needed resources.

  • Placed 39 women and children in a new home to call their own.

  • Provided 6,095 bed nights to women and children to secure their housing and avoid destitution.

  • Provided one-on-one and mandatory group counseling sessions to 86 women.

  • Provided mandatory life skills and support groups to 127 women and 1 man.

  • Provided full-size personal hygiene products to 43 partnering organizations and agencies, serving over 397 women and children, totaling over $59,550.00.

  • Partnered with Toys for Tots to provide Christmas toys to over 100 children of 2DEF clients.

  • Partnered with Hilliker Corporation to secure discounted rent, in the amount of $24,000.00, in in-kind donations and matching funds.

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