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The Pathways to Housing Program is an economic housing stabilization program geared toward assisting women transitioning from domestic violence with obtaining services, skills, and resources that will allow them to move from victim to survivor. The Pathways to Housing Program focuses on three areas emergency shelter, housing/rental assistance (stabilization services), and other emergency services. 

  • ​Emergency shelter support the survivor actively fleeing from their abusive partner. This area of focus provides immediate case management response and emergency referral resources to survivors in need of emergency shelter services.​

  • Housing/Rental Assistance (​Stabilization Services) provide a continuum of care to survivors who are impacted by domestic violence. Housing Assistance applicants receives a most current list of partnering complexes and local property owners that have listed their current vacancies. Our rental assistance provide one month of rent to applicants in need of assistance. Our goal is to stabilize the client and ensure safe and stable housing.

  • Other emergency services program provide assistance with furniture, food, clothing, small home repairs, bus passes, housing supplies, personal hygiene, and utilities assistance. By offering such a wide range of support, these programs play a vital role in helping individuals regain stability and move towards a brighter future.



Pathways to Healing program provides Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Creative Arts Therapy as a part of our mental health wellness and counseling services program. Pathways to Healing seeks to address issues of trauma, the effects of violence and to reduce the transference of cyclical and generational trauma in crime victims. The individual, group & family therapy sessions are provided to survivors and their children, allowing them to effectively begin to process and recover from these traumatic experiences.  


Children’s Therapy consists of creative play, art, or drama therapy, for ages 3-17. Professional licensed therapists interact using toys, games, stories, and creative materials. The goal is to reinforce safety, reduce PTSD symptoms, enhance coping skills, process traumatic events, and provide psychoeducation on healthy relationships for the future. 

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Pathways to Brightness-Prosperity/Personal and Professional Development: Further professional and personal development allows survivors the ability to maintain self-sufficiency and reduces the likelihood of survivors to return to an unstable violent relationship.


This initiative helps clients with developing long-term personal and professional goals and plans to reach them. One component is the Business Center. This program will assist interested clients to receive the necessary training modules needed to start their business venture. After graduation, collaboration will continue as we partner to host four (4) Business Pop-Up shops that will be designed to build self-confidence, business integrity, and implement the key points developed through both programs. Once the business is established, we offer a MOU with the business as a partnering entity or a vendor with our organization. Currently, there are 35% of our clients that are current entrepreneurs. 


Partner consultants has over 65 years of combined experience developing and creating the first stages of business documents needed for every graduate to open their business bank account.

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