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DV Drawstring Bag Pack

DV Drawstring Bag Pack


Diamond Diva Empowerment Foundation (2DEF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, strengthening, and empowering survivors affected by domestic violence and various socio-economic conditions. These conditions limit them from gaining and maintaining self-sufficiency which prevents them from being successful members of our community.


Our purpose is to be a necessary resource to survivors; primarily focusing on those who have experienced the effects of domestic violence. We will accomplish this by aiding them to rebuild from the inside out and to reevaluate themselves. Through our program survivors can freely walk a journey of life, truly recovered, and be healed from domestic violence and other socioeconomic struggles.


We are an organization that is committed to rebuilding the core of each survivor, while encouraging them to focus on their strengths and well-being. It is our hope that by providing various programs, services, and initiatives that we will inspire, uplift, and empower those we serve and the communities we serve in.

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