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Volunteers contribute to the overall success of the organization and its programs by providing skills, services, and expertise that offer advocacy and support for participants and allow the agency to maximize its resources. Currently the agency has 96 volunteers that perform activities and services including governing and advisory board support, community outreach, awareness, and engagement, special event coordination, peer support groups, empowerment activities, social media marketing, Love Package™ assembly and additional office support.


The Community Outreach Director with assistance from the Community Outreach Worker is responsible for the overall volunteer program of Diamond Diva Empowerment foundation which includes recruitment, screening, training, supervision, and recognition activities. The volunteer program seeks to enlist stakeholders who wish to support our programs through volunteer services. 


  • Recruitment: Volunteers are recruited through various avenues including community partners, local businesses, community outreach, vendor, and health fair events, local schools, colleges & universities, and social media platforms. Volunteers can access the organization website at any time to find out information on onetime and ongoing volunteer opportunities as well as a description of the requirements, roles, and responsibilities. All volunteers have the option to fill out a volunteer application online if accessible or through physical application.


  • Screening & Training: All volunteers are screened through phone conversation and in person interview. Volunteers must pass a criminal background check, sexual registry check, and family care registry check. After volunteers pass background checks, volunteers must attend an orientation that includes information about the organization, the impact of domestic and intimate partner violence, compliance and confidentiality, general roles, and responsibilities for general organization volunteers. Depending on the interest of the potential volunteer additional training may be required such as advisory & governing board development training, special event, community fairs, or office volunteer training. 


  • Supervision & Management: Volunteers are primarily supervised by the Community Outreach Director. Some volunteers may also receive supervision from onsite staff at events, or office staff within the organization office. Volunteer hours are inputted by the Community outreach worker and tracked in a data system.


  • Recognition Activities: Showing appreciation and recognizing volunteers is important to maintain their support. Volunteers can earn certificates and other recognitions such as receiving organization apparels, awards, and other incentives for completing volunteer hours and years of service. Upon completion of one year of service volunteers can become Ambassador for the organization. Because of their knowledge of domestic violence and the mission of the organization, Ambassadors may represent the organization in the community, recruit other volunteers, provide training and supervision to the volunteer. Ambassadors receive additional recognition at our Annual 50 Shades of Purple Gala and Fundraiser.

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