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The Community Outreach and Engagement department consists of a Community Outreach Director and a Community Outreach Worker. Collectively this team is primarily responsible for public awareness, outreach to get information to potential victims, and community engagement activities.


Describe how victims will access the services described in this proposal. Potential clients can access the services by completing an online initial inquiry form to assess if they qualify to receive services. Clients will receive instant notification of approval based on victimization. Clients will receive access to create their personal client portal, which then enables them to complete the program application, commitment forms, and upload pertinent personal documents for the program.  For potential clients that do not have access to a computer and/or mobile device, or other barriers to completing the inquiry online, the client is able to make an appointment to complete the process in person at the office. Upon entry into the program, each client will have access to all services in this proposal.


Describe the type of medium (i.e., social media, display ads, print, broadcast, outdoor, direct (paper) mail, email, etc.) and include specific information about how the medium is used (i.e., the agency provides one direct mail to all households in the service area 1x per year). Diamond Diva Empowerment Foundation uses the following types of medium: We provide awareness about the program through collaboration with local news outlets; specifically, Channel 2, (Kim Hudson, Maggie McGhee, Jeff Bernthal), Channel 4, and Channel 5 (Sarah Barker, Justina Coronel). We also utilize all social media networks, including but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & our personal website. Local radio and newspaper services are an essential part of our branding and marketing efforts. Weekly texting notifications and email blasts are used to reach out to clients to notify them of community events and violent crime awareness. Monthly distribution of flyers, display ads, brochures, and postcards help to continue to spread awareness about the program. Lastly, we are a registered referral organization with the United Way 2-1-1 Hotline and Congresswoman Cori Bush Local Congressional Office Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Commission. 


We have partnership with several public media outlets, including, Saint Louis TV with Robin Boyd; Own Your Now Show, Tracey Berry; 99.5 FM with Howard Dallas Jamison; iHeart Radio with BJ, The DJ; Voices of Sexual Assault Survivors with D Marie; My City, My Music with Chris Thompson; 50 Roses Foundation with Michael Powers, Real STL News with Cameron Rhodes; Elizabeth Donnielle PR & Marketing Agency with Donnielle Elizabeth; Stacy Static Podcast with Stacey Static; and partnership with all Saint Louis city and county sexual assault and domestic violence non-profit agencies. Lastly, the Aldermanic Board, State Representative, local political leaders and partnering government officials provide agency resource referrals to their community and constituents. 


Describe outreach methods used by the agency to ensure the public is aware of the services the agency offers (in-person presentations, board member engagement, faith-based community activities, partner events, collaborations, etc.).  The Community Outreach Director develops a community outreach plan and works with the community outreach worker and other staff, board members and volunteers to implement the plan. This plan includes various outreach activities, community outreach events and health fairs in collaboration with area agencies, government departments, businesses, and faith-based entities. The agency has adjusted its community outreach efforts based on COVID-19 restriction and local CDC guidelines. 

The following are examples of community outreach and public awareness activities of the organization:  

  • July 2020 – Summer Food Giveaway Drive Thru, The Access Foundation w/ Keith Stallings

  • July 2020 - Free COVID-19 Testing and Public Safety Resource event with State Representative Steve Roberts, The Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed, and Alderwoman Shameem Clark-Hubbard 

  • August 2020 – Back to School partnering event with Mentors in Motion

  • October 2020 – Online Virtual Tutoring partnership with Harris Stowe interns

  • October 2020 – Skating with A Purpose Domestic Violence Awareness Event

  • November 2020 – Empowerment Session with Alderwoman Shameem Clark-Hubbard 

  • December 2020 – Williams Temple COGIC 

  • January 2021 – Own Your Now Show with Tracey Berry

  • January 2021 – Fox 2 AM Show with Kim Hudson

  • January 2021 – 99.5 with Dallas Howard Jamison January 2021 – Streets 105.1 with D Smooth Shabazz

  • January 2021 – Pandemic Increases the Need for DV Shelters w/ Mikala McGhee 

  • January 2021 – Love Package and Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign with Board of Alderman and all City department officials at the Saint Louis City Hall

  • February 2021 – YMCA partnership event for Love Package Community Distribution Day

  • February 2021 – Love Package event with The Access Foundation with Keith Stallings 

  • February 2021 – City of Hope Saint Louis with Michael Robinson

  • February 2021 – The Cathedral (Pot Bangers with Kathy Daniels)

  • February 2021 – Great Harvest Cathedral with Bishop Zacheriah Davis

  • March 2021 - Rally for Rosey: Executive team presented a presentation @STL County Court

  • March 2021 – Saint Louis Women’s March event (Gold member sponsor)

  • April 2021 - Community Day; in collaboration with Velda Village Hills/24:1

  • April 2021 - Shatter the Silence/Stop the Violence, Advocacy DV Candlelight Rally 

  • April 2021 – Freeman Bosley Jr. Morning Show with Freeman Bosley

  • May 2021 – Rose’ Day, Festival to support and empowerment women’s organizations

  • May 2021- The Community Case Discussion (for Domestic Violence) with Saint Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell, Mayor Tishaura Jones, and Officer Clay Farmer

  • June 2021 – Meet the Congressional Team with Congresswoman Cori Bush

Include a description of any specific populations and specialized, tailored outreach methods the agency utilizes to reach these populations. Our client population is primarily socially and economically disadvantaged African American individuals between the ages of 19-69, living in the Saint Louis Metropolitan communities. Our agency ensures that all information is accessible for those who may have poor literacy skills, difficulty reading, language, and comprehension barriers as well as vision impairments. The agency makes sure that all written literature is available in large fonts, utilizes wording that is at a lower reading level, and when necessary, utilizes volunteers and community resources for interpreter and translation services. 


Describe the data used to inform the advertisement and outreach strategy. The data that we used to inform the advertisement and outreach strategies are women-based social media groups, word of mouth resources from DV and SA advocates, COVID-19 resource page, national statistics data, the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic Violence Statistics, Saint Louis Metropolitan Crime Violence Statistics, and the National Domestic Violence Statistics. As to advertisements and outreach strategies used to inform clients, the agency utilizes similar demographics to the population that we serve, providing relatable resources based on our client’s ethnic demographics.

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